Food is a beautiful thing.

It can also be a battle for some people. I know. I've been there, and it's something that I am so passionate about now. Food can be taken to so many extremes -- overeating at every meal, consciously starving yourself, and everything in between. I can totally understand how hard it is to have a good relationship with food. This struggle is part of the fall of man. We live in a broken world, but what can we do about it while we're on this earth?

Well, I believe in a balanced diet -- choosing wholesome foods and a variety of foods for the most benefit, not cutting out food groups, eating the rainbow when you can, and treating yourself to cookies or chocolate (which is on a daily basis for me :)) or that waffle cone full of delicious cookies n cream ice cream. I think listening to your body's cravings is important, especially for your mental health because restriction more often than not leads to binging down the road. It's equally important to be mindful of what you're putting into your body and giving it lots of healthy foods because we have a duty to take care of our amazing and uniquely-made bodies created by an extra-amazing God. One way to do that is to feed yourself (and your children) nutrient-rich foods. It will impact your overall health in so many good ways for the rest of your life if you have a healthy balanced diet, including protecting yourself from certain diseases.

One of the main points that I want to convey with this website is that eating healthy is far from being boring! It can be so much fun, incredibly tasty, very simple, and for some people, like myself, it can be an awesome creative outlet. It's not all just spinach salads and kale. Nah man. I couldn't do that even for a day. I'm all about that peanut butter, pancakes, and filet mignon life. YAS. S'GOOD. 

So folks...It's never too late to start caring for your body in this way. Give it a go. Try one of my recipes out one day for you or your family. Start with something really simple and easy to make. And you never know, maybe you'll surprise yourself by how delicious and decadent healthy meals can taste.