2019 New Year's Resolutions



Some people hate NY resolutions. Some people love ‘em. Whatever category you fall into, it’s okay! No judgment. Although every day is a good time to begin practicing better eating habits, jumping into a new fitness program, or shooting for any kind of goal in your life (deepening faith, traveling, reading, etc), each New Year can be an extra motivating, empowering time to start working towards some fresh new goals too.

If you thrive on this kind of goal-setting and chasing after it, FRICKIN GO FOR IT sista/brotha!! Now is a great time to feel like you’re starting with a fresh clean slate. Put the past year behind you if it was super rocky, and go ahead and tell a friend or family member or specialist what your goals are, jump into an accountability group of sorts, or find some trusted people who can simply encourage you all year to keep going with whatever it is even when the motivation quickly fades (probably like January 15th lol).

If setting NY resolutions just discourages you and harms you more than helps, NO SWEAT PAL! Just continue trucking along in your life and keep your eyes and mouth in your own lane😊 This way everyone’s happier doing their own thing without getting pressured from opposite sides. We’re all in different places with different stories, struggles, mindsets, and experiences. And we’re all focused on ourselves anyway, which often makes it hard to stick our feet in other people’s shoes (esp. if their shoe size a lot smaller) and see these differing perspectives and experiences in our own eyes/minds.

Sometimes I’m very goal-oriented. Sometimes not. Kinda just go with the flow each year and do whatever seems best as I reflect on the past year and think of the coming 365 days and what’s happenin’ in the stage of life I’m in.

With that being said, this year was a roller freaking coaster.

A lot of awesome things happened:

  • Study Abroad trip to Salerno, Italy last January that was a literal dream - Learned how to make pasta with Italian chefs, saw the breathtaking Amalfi Coast with my own two eyes instead of on Google images, ate ALLLLL the tasty things, ran each morning along the beach and got my quiet introvert time, and had daily “field trips” to different places in the area like vineyards, the Santomiele fig production facility, and an organic mozzarella farm (which was basically a boujee spa for the water buffalos).

  • San Diego mother/daughter trip

  • Sanibel Island annual spring break trip with my mama

  • Started a part-time job that I actually enjoy (definitely took time)

  • Epic European Adventure trip to London and Paris with two gal pals from high school - only brought backpacks, ate Parisian crepes from a dude called "Captain Crepe” for 75% of our meals, and we were definitely the most obnoxious touristy Americans (our London tour-guide named Godfrey was not too fond of us for a while, but he came around). Such a joyful trip.

  • Dated a couple people. Messed up a lot. Cried some. Learned a SHOOT-TON. So I guess it was a success in that sense.

  • Taught myself an entire semester’s-worth of biochemistry (AKA the hardest science class I’ve ever taken…and I’ve taken A LOTTT) bc my teacher wasn’t good. Daily, he would cold-call on people in the lecture class, and if someone said “idk” (which was 95% of the time) he would tell horrible dad jokes. Anyways, started off with a D in the class and ended up getting a solid A once I took matters into my own hands. Still flippin proud. Cuz school ain’t easy for me.

  • Vacationed twice to my fav place - Frankfort, Michigan - this summer

  • Completed an 86-mile bike ride with my mom (ow)

  • Took a semester off of school this fall, and it was the best decision (although it made me feel like I was done with school, but that’s a big ol’ false)

  • Took a solo road trip to Chicago in November to see a LANY concert (be still my heart) and explore the city. Made me fall in love with Chicago a little more. Solo trips are THRILLING MAN. Did NOT want it to end.

  • Attended my first FNCE conference in Washington D.C. with 11,000+ of my fellow nutrition nerds

  • Met some people from Instagram (holla at you peoples!!)

  • Had the best Christmas with my entire family in Colorado where we did all sorts of snowy activities: both downhill and cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, yack-track hiking, and tubing. 100% makes me want to live near mountains. Seriously considering my life right now…

Some sucky things happened too:

  • School (so.done…my goodness)

  • Break-ups

  • Injuries: achilles, digestive issues x 10000, shoulder, knee, nerve/numbing issues in my quad, tendonitis in various places, neck, and plain ol’ tripped a lot #clumsy

  • Struggled a TON with various things (can you say vaaague Janie? gees leaving us hangin’)

    • I’ll share more soon

  • Felt very distant and honestly a little lost with my faith towards the end of the year — This doesn’t feel good, and it’s not what I want. Satan just loves to distract and blind us. My faith is the most important thing to me, so he ain’t gonna win this war. F*** off Satan. Seriously.

  • Dealt with impatient, unkind customers at work — Learned not all people are nice and friendly and understanding unfortunately (toughens the skin quite a bit though, which is probably necessary)

  • Worried about future things related to school, relationships, family, health, and so much more

  • Stress escalated progressively over 2018 with all of the above things and now seems like it’s reached a peak

I’ve come to a place at the end of this year where I truly DO want some change in certain areas in my life, so yes I do have a few “resolutions” or you maybe a better word would be be…intentions…that I want to focus on this year. Some are light-hearted and some are more serious.

First, below are 5 words I want to focus on and pray about starting TODAY even though they are things I want to carry with my for the rest of my life - not just the next 364 days (fun fact: my mom prays for all of my family’s words each year - what a gem she is). Here they are in no particular order:

  1. #notstuck - my mom inspired this one when we were having a heart to heart convo one night this Christmas break where I had a breakdown due to being overwhelmed by one too many things and just feeling sad/mad/frustrated with some ongoing struggles and what not. I was telling her how I feel so stuck with…

    a) My digestive issues and feeling like I’ve gone wayyyy backwards in my journey to better health. this has left me feeling crummy with painful cramps and very unnaturally bloated 90% of the time no matter what foods I eat, anxious, a little depressed sometimes, impatient with family or friends, not wanting to be social or even go to church, and simply mad for letting myself get to this point this past year. when your gut is not happy and thriving, this greatly affects every other area of your life in not-so-great ways. it’s no joke and all-consuming. So this year I’d love to find a trusted doctor and work towards better health in this area - one who doesn’t solely tell me cut out basically all carbs (bc I’ve tried that before and lost my period - so that’s a no-go doc, thank u, next).

    b) the constant comparison trap — whether it’s body image related or personality related or faith related among other things I’m sure. Maybe it’ll be a counselor that will help, or a trusted friend to speak truth into my life, or idk what yet. But my mom and dad both keep encouraging me that I CAN get out of this mindset and “unstuck” myself.

    c) future plans as a dietitian and even just finishing school. I often doubt myself and my abilities to be in this field. It’s scary not knowing what’s ahead. But I want to learn that I’m not stuck in any way shape or form even in this dietetic realm. God has a plannnn. Gotta trust it and keep relying on him.

    d) other areas, but for privacy sake…I’m going to keep these quiet right now :)

  2. Habits - it was a very stressful year I admit. But I have a history of disordered eating, and still have tendencies with it every once in a while. Ever since seeing a dietitian for the first time over 6 years ago and having to eat wayyy past fullness at every meal, I got used to that feeling even when I was “weight-restored” and didn’t need to gain any more weight… but it just kept going. I haven’t ever fully learned what my hunger/fullness cues are and it’s been a struggle this year and has left me feeling a bit defeated and confused. So this coming year, mindful habits related to food will be something I dive into more, along with working on habits related to mindful exercise, reading the Bible more, and finally finding a good daily routine would be fab which I haven’t had in a solid 4 years since my senior year in high school. It’s about time.

  3. Joy - learning to find joy even in the midst of the mundane school/work/studying/waiting/single-life. Fighting for the true joy, daily, that ONLY can come through faith and a bigger hope in Jesus - EVEN when life gives you lemons…nothing I want more in life.

  4. Adventure - always could use some more spice in life, enjoying new places and faces

  5. Together - Back to my tear-filled breakdown moment over Christmas week (😅) — my parents both said to me separately after I spilled all my beans to them, “I am coming with you.” I may often feel like I’m alone in certain struggles, but I want to keep being reminded and reminding myself that I am never alone, there are people who love and support me and pray for me, and at the very least, I have two wonderful parents still who are faithful and willing to dive into the darker valleys of struggles with me and encourage me along the way. I want to be intentional about doing that for others — showing them we’re in this together and that “I am coming with you.”

Some other goals for the year:

  • Learn a dance to “Come Alive” in the Greatest Showman (NOT EVEN KIDDING - please go listen to that song right now and tell me you don’t wanna do some serious grooving. I love dancing even though I look like a lunatic I’m sure. I don’t even care. I just need people in my life who are willing to look silly with me.)

  • Practice / learn mindfulness around food

  • Do more yoga

  • Cook a new recipe each week

  • Go on another solo trip

  • Adventure: hike more places, go to Africa, be open to meeting new people, ski with Dad next Christmas

  • Try new restaurants

  • Go on a few coffee or brunch outings with new friends

That’s all I got folks. Happy New Year. Happy 2019. Happy January. Don’t forget to stay your super awesome self, stay in your own lane, and stay learning, growing, and changing with your seasons of life and experiences. Know you’re not alone in anything. Go take the year on no matter what you’re feeling right now. We’re in this life together. Might as well have a little fun along the way🙃